"I believe Empathy is the key that unlocks our understanding of the user and their behavior. And serves as the foundation for meaningful design solutions."



I’m a human-centered designer and team leader with a broad range of experience in strategic thinking, UX/product design as well as marketing and branding.

I help both small startups and larger agencies define, ideate, design, and implement engaging and beautiful solutions.

As a designer and team leader, I’m an advocate for bringing creative solutions to life by implementing methodologies that continually balance both the needs of users and businesses.

I’m looking forward to connecting with people and companies who are interested in empathetic and purposeful design. Currently, you'll find me working as a consultant at Neochrome, a boutique agency in Santa Monica, CA.


I love the challenge of solving problems for users in a unique and novel way and always aim for simplicity at the core of my approach and execution. It is what drives me to do my work every day.

I believe in the balance between high functionality and beautiful design.

I believe in learning new things every day from people, friends, mentors, and teams is what this creative journey is all about.


I consider myself both a strategic and creative designer with a passion for understanding human behavior and decision making. Clients and companies come to me for a few main reasons:

I help build teams as well as plan and organize ideas, hypotheses and assumptions.

I create and maintain visual design languages and systems to communicate core brand values.

I perform UX research, collecting qualitative and quantitative data to understand the users.

I guide them on ways to improve their user experience, interface, and visual design.

I mentor, educate and execute alongside teams.

"Passion. Energy. Dedication. Pride. That's what you get when Erick Vogel is on your team. Erick is a truly creative, through and through. And that's something really special that can never be taken for granted. He thinks big and dreams big, and knows that the work is all that matters. And he will do whatever it takes to get the work where it needs to be. He's genuine, respectful and not afraid to speak his mind when the work is on the line. For that and many others reasons, I'd rather have one Erick than a handful of others."

– Mike Hartman • Chief Creative Officer + Business Transformer at Intouch Solutions


I grew up watching sci-fi movies and messing around with computers. This inspired me to learn more about design and interfaces. I wanted to be involved in technology and one day create designs of my own.

These days I love reading about design, history, and politics. I’m also passionate about surfing, skateboarding, vintage vans, biking, and most importantly, fatherhood.

I am driven and inspired to understand human behavior and their decisions, especially in relation to how they are influenced by their environment and social circles.

I’m also interested in science and technology and enjoy designing for health, artificial intelligence, and education.






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